What does it cost to create a profile?
It's FREE. Welcome to College wants to offer support to all college prospects, parents and guidance counselors involved in the search and decision-making process without letting fees stand in the way.

Do you sell my personal information?
No. Welcome to College does not sell any personally identifiable information. Non-personally-identifiable information pertaining to the College Reviews, including private comments, may be sold to universities or other institutions that partner with Welcome to College.

Why do we have an option to make comments public or private?
We understand there are comments you may want to keep between yourself and the respective college or university; however, we also understand that you may feel so strongly about something that you wish to share and influence others going through the college visit process. Upon making a comment you have the option to make it Public or keep it Private. Every Public comment a user makes will be identified only by user type (i.e., student, parent, etc.) and state. For example, "A student from New York said…"

Is there a mobile version of the site?
Yes. The mobile version of the site is accessible through all web browsers and on all mobile devices with Internet capabilities. In addition to the mobile site, we have a free iPhone application, College Visits.

Why do some schools have pictures & video?
Colleges and universities have the opportunity to submit various levels of content to be displayed on their respective pages. If a school you’re interested in is not featured on Welcome to College, please send an email to info@welcometocollege.com and let us know. It’s our priority to provide you with the appropriate level of support you need.

What is the basis/breakdown for enrollment statistics?
Enrollment statistics are based on full-time undergraduate students. Under 5,000 is a small-sized school, and they are identified by this icon Small School Icon. Between 5,000-15,000 is a medium-sized school, and they are identified by this icon Medium School Icon. Over 15,000 is considered a large-sized school, and they are identified by this icon Large School Icon.

Can I go back and re-rate the schools I visit?
Yes. We understand the first food court you visit may be your first on a college campus. However, once you visit five, you will have a different impression on that first food court.

How do I find out if one of my schools has my major?
Welcome to College believes you first need to find a school that provides the right environment for you. Then, while visiting colleges and universities, you will have the opportunity to speak with the tour guides, admissions counselors, and, in some cases, representatives of a specific program to help you narrow down your choices.