What do we do?
Welcome to College helps high school students discover how and where they’ll flourish in college.

What need do we serve?
We simplify the college search and visit process, while igniting a sense of clarity, passion, and purpose for the college experience.

Through online, mobile, and face-to-face engagement, we are expanding the conversation in college fit to include meaning, accomplishment, relationships, and vitality – we are committed to helping each student find these criteria.

Who is our audience?
We serve prospective students in need of the tools and direction to find a college where they can be happy and successful.

Why are we relevant to our audience?
We may not be able to walk students through their college journeys, but we can help them with the most critical step – finding the right one.

How do we serve students?
Students can identify schools of interest, rate and compare visited schools, read peer comments and post new comments, and compare rated schools with national averages. By utilizing these tools and participating in the Welcome to College community, students can find MARV – meaning, accomplishment, relationships, and vitality – on a campus that fits them.

Where can I find more about the origins of MARV?
Since early 2013, we have been collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania’s leading researchers in the field of Positive Psychology. Through this relationship we were introduced to the EPOCH construct of adolescent wellbeing and derived the college fit to flourishing construct of MARV. For additional questions, please contact Dr. Margaret Kern, Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania at mkern@sas.upenn.edu.