There’s Value in Being a Partner
Welcome To College has created a Web-based application that revolutionizes the way individuals organize and measure their campus visit experiences, helping colleges and universities evaluate and strengthen their campus visit programs.

By helping students and parents:

  • Identify schools of interest (based on criteria of interest)
  • Prepare for their campus visits
  • Rate and compare their favorite schools against their own ratings as well as national averages to see how they stack up
  • See what their peers have said about their visits
  • Overall, keep track of all their campus visit experiences to ensure that their best options are not forgetting

How does a subscription benefit you (and your prospective students)?
By subscribing, your school becomes a featured school, which means you can provide a more informative, content-rich experience for your prospective students while gaining access and to tools and reports that will assist your admissions department in its recruitment efforts. Here's just a few of the things you'll be able to do:
  • You control the content on your school's page
  • Add your school logo wherever your school is displayed
  • Create your own school photo gallery
  • Ask students and parents your own questions during the rating process
  • Gain access to ratings and comments for your school
  • Privately respond to anonymous user ratings and comments
  • Receive notifications of upcoming campus visits

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