Stone W.

Tour Guide at Arizona State University - Tempe Campus

Class of 2021

Hometown: Headland, AL

Major: Earth and Space Exploration Astrophysics

Secondary Major: Human Communication

What do you know now that you wish you had known your first year at ASU?

I wish I would have known hoe easy it was to make connections. Over the year I found out how easy it was to just jump into something head first and begin to make so many connections that allow you to do some much later on. I am still making connections as the days go on and I cannot wait to see how I can use them as resources in the future.

What is your dream job?

I want to do International Education and Public Outreach with a space agency specifically in the countries of Russia, China, and Japan.

Why did you choose to attend Arizona State University?

I chose ASU because it was one of the only schools in the country to offer an Astrophysics program not the undergraduate level.

What is your favorite event, activity or club at ASU?

My favorite activity at ASU happens to be my on campus job as a Docent in the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV. This job has offered me and presented me with so many opportunities for my future career and my dream job. It has developed my professional career in so many ways.

I'm passionate about...

Education and Public Outreach hammocking Photography

I'm involved with...

NASA New Discovery Psyche Docent Antioch College Ministry Community Assistant Students for the Exploration and Discovery of Space - ASU
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