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Visit colleges with clarity and purpose.

Log visits and connect with colleges by showcasing your strengths, goals, and passions

Some people say college is the most important time of your life. It’s when you start figuring out who you are and who you want to be. Finding the right school makes all the difference.

Welcome to College is building a community around what matters most to you and connect you with a fulfilling, unforgettable college experience. Put simply, we help pick the place where you’ll be happiest.

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Success starts with the campus visit.

Hone in on the most critical element of the college decision-making process: the college visit.

65% of students rank the college visit as the most influential information source on deciding where to apply during the college search.

- Art & Science Group - StudentPOLL

Welcome to College has built the leading college visit and tour guide management software for higher education institutions. Our platform is giving our partner colleges innovative tools to enhance how they connect with prospective students before, during, and after the college visit.

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Custom visit scheduling system with campus tour guide integration.

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Private, secure space to engage and connect prospective students with your campus tour guides.

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Create mobile-ready surveys & manage real-time feedback from prospective students.

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