At Welcome to College, we believe a single sentence spoken at the right time can change someone’s life forever. We know this pivotal moment can occur during a college campus visit because we see it happen every year. As former campus ambassadors, visit coordinators, and admissions reps, we are passionate about creating environments where genuine connection can take place. We remember the nerves of searching for a campus home and the thrill of finding it; these memories fuel the work we do with colleges across the country and in Canada.

Through in-person and virtual workshops, we have trained over 5,000 student ambassadors on how to facilitate meaningful connection. The acquired skills are put into practice during the campus visit but will serve students long after they give their last tour. Select one of the workshops to learn more.

Digital Workshops

Digital Ambassador Training

Our world looks different than it did six months ago. Your ambassador training should, too.

Imagine training your ambassadors from any location, whether they are back on your campus or living elsewhere. Whether you have some tour guides physically with you, or some working remotely on digital platforms, you can offer the same high level of impact through our digital training curriculum.

Showing up as videos in your portal, these training sessions will help your ambassadors learn skills and reinforce lessons learned throughout the coaching process that you are already providing. Hosted by former admissions directors, campus visit coordinators and ambassadors, we provide a wealth of knowledge in areas such as building rapport, starting a tour with strength, and working with diverse populations.

Help your ambassadors build confidence as they acquire competencies and gain resources to give their most relatable and compelling tours. Have confidence that you are providing quality materials that give you the best opportunity to market your school in this changing educational environment.

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Student Workshops

MARV® Storytelling Workshop
Flourish in college with a MARV mindset.

Students learn the research-based construct of MARV and the practice of finding Meaning, Accomplishment, Relationships, and Vitality in the college experience.

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Answering Difficult Questions
Welcome the wild cards.

No matter how thorough the tour guide training, there will always be unusual visitors and questions.

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MARV Workshop

Staff Workshops

Building a Visit Culture

This program explores research and strategies for understanding visitors’ needs and expectations.

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Career Growth for Young Professionals

Higher education professionals value learning and desire an environment for continuous development.

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Building a Loyal Tour Guide Team

Is it possible to build a motivated ambassador organization in this season of virtual only?

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