About Us

At Welcome To College, we believe a college campus visit can change someone’s life. It did for our founder, Justin Bayer. The University of Dayton was not on his list of potential colleges, but his guidance counselor convinced him to visit, and this one decision was the turning point in his life. His positive campus visit experience at UD impacted him in such a way that no other school could compete. While attending the university, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and higher education.

In 2010, after a ten-year career in higher education admissions and professional development, Justin launched Welcome To College to help institutions and student ambassadors maximize this visit in the recruitment and enrollment process. He and his team have worked with over 60 schools across the US and Canada and become a leader in creating campus visit experiences that leave lasting impressions with their guests. Additionally, Welcome To College offers a technology platform to streamline the behind the scenes management of this critical process.

The company is based in New Orleans, a city deeply entrenched in culture and hospitality. If you find yourself in the city, we’d love to show you some favorite spots! Can’t make it to the bayou but you’re ready to create an unforgettable campus experience? Let’s do this!

Success starts with the campus visit.