About Welcome to College

A little bit of background.

We founded Welcome to College in 2010 because we wanted to help students find the college where they would not only fit, but flourish.

Instead of just telling students to visit different colleges and listen for a “gut feeling,” we asked:

What’s the science behind a sense of belonging and discovering your passions?

Next, we piled into our Mobile Automated Research Vehicle, MARV, and made our way to the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Researchers there helped us uncover the real meaning of MARV — namely, the four elements of positive psychology inherent to finding the right fit.

What is MARV?

MARV is the world’s best matchmaker.

Students use MARV to evaluate potential colleges, create meaningful relationships, and ultimately find a place where they’ll fit and flourish.

Colleges use MARV to tailor their campus tours, educate and manage tour guides, and gather detailed, real-time data on what’s working and what can be improved.

In the process, colleges build a strong, active student body with higher retention rates — and students enjoy an incredible college experience.

Is that love? We think it’s love.

We want to redefine “success”.

When students thrive in college, they’re much more likely to be successful after graduation.

“Success” doesn’t mean salary, or prestige, or job title. It means living a life full of MARV.

We believe 3 things will happen when students use MARV to pick a college.
Flourishing students = a better future for all of us.