What you can't measure, you can't manage.

Ambassador Micro-Site

Exceed your visitors expectations when they are able to engage and connect with a current student who share similar passions or is from their hometown. Students are your best recruiters. Provide excellent service by creating a memorable and meaningful visit experience using our private micro-sites to feature your ambassadors.

Ambassador Management Software

Welcome To College takes a headache-free approach to scheduling your ambassadors. Visit Coordinators receive all availability from the ambassadors so they can execute building out the visit schedule efficiently and effectively. This includes messages to ambassadors and email reminders.

Visit Registration Software

Welcome To College gives partners the ability to customize your visit scheduling system. We’ve also built in the ability to integrate this schedule with your campus tour guides.

Virtual Event Experiences

We utilize a combination of an informational microsite combined with interactive webinars to provide a complete virtual experience. Continue to impress even when students are unable to visit the campus.

Campus Visit Audit

An exhaustive audit that looks at everything from online registration to post visit follow up and everything in-between related to the campus visit. A Welcome to College visit audit will reveal what your visitors are hearing and what they should be hearing. Using MARV®, our construct to gauge student well-being and happiness, we put together a report after our audit to offer ways of improving the message and experience you are sharing with your prospective students. Most important, how do families relate to your school’s story and culture and not just react to the facts.

Ambassador Workshops

Welcome To College offers multiple workshops for ambassador organizations to learn problem-solving skills, tackle pressing challenges, and teambuilding. Our immersive workshops teach design-thinking methodology, a problem-solving technique used by the most innovative organizations. Organizations walk away with actionable insights, participants walk away with a new problem-solving technique, and everyone walks away feeling more connected to each other as a community.