What does it cost to create a profile?

It’s free. Welcome to College offers support to all college prospects, parents and counselors involved in the search and decision-making process.

How does Welcome to College protect my privacy?

We believe privacy is a big deal and take our user privacy very seriously. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information. 

When creating your account, you have three options on how to engage with our community. 

Public (recommended) – This allows you to share your Welcome to College profile with the world. Allow everyone to learn more about your passions, strengths, and goals and start building a positive digital identity to share your unique story. Sharing your profile public also allows colleges the opportunity to learn more about you during the recruitment process and connect with you based on shared interest, values, and passion. 

Only My Schools – This allows you to share your Welcome to College profile only with the schools you add to your list of colleges. Want a unique way to stand out to your schools, share your MARV profile to allow for a more complete picture of who you are beyond test scores and essay. 

Private – This allows you to keep your Welcome to College profile private. You can still use the site to the fullest, however, you will not be able to connect with schools or other users while in private mode. 

You can change the settings on this at any point in time by going to the "Account Settings" link in the top right-hand corner of your Welcome to College profile page. 

Is there a mobile version of the site?

Yes. The mobile version of the site is accessible through all web browsers and on all mobile devices with Internet capabilities. We are currently giving our free iPhone & Android applications an overhaul. We will let you know as soon as go live with the new versions. 

Why do some schools have pictures & video?

Colleges and universities have the opportunity to submit various levels of content to be displayed on their respective pages. If a school you’re interested in is not featured on Welcome to College, please send an email to info@welcometocollege.com and let us know. It’s our priority to provide you with the appropriate level of support you need.