John L.

Tour Guide at Arizona State University - Tempe Campus

Class of 2021

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major: Business Communications

Concentration: N/A

Secondary Major: N/A

Minor: N/A

Why did you choose to attend Arizona State University?

ASU is close to home, it has a ton of great opportunities, and I like the idea that being such a large campus, I was able to be whoever I wanted to be and forge my own path.

What is your favorite event, activity or club at ASU?

My favorite event, BY FAR, is broomball. A great experience with even greater people, and I never had to worry about embarrassing myself.

What do you know now that you wish you had known your first year at ASU?

No one knows what they're doing when they first start! Relax, have fun, and go meet some people!

What is your dream job?

My dream job is 100% being a tour guide but in like Ireland or something.

I'm passionate about...

Netflix Theater

I'm involved with...

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